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Laser Key Products F-Line Pick Set (LKP)

  • Item #: 1738
  • Model: LKP-FLINE
  • Manufacturer: Laser Key Products
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Give yourself as many picking options as possible! Use these picks to quickly bypass any F-Line knob or lever.

Schlage F-Line levers have an opening behind and in back of the lever handle itself. This opening allows the F-Line lever tool to bypass the cylinder and open the lever.

Most Schlage F-Line knobs have an opening on one side or the other to easily bypass the cylinder. Newer style F-Line knobs have a solid knob that needs a minor modification. This knob has a small indentation opposite the retainer. This indentation can be tapped in with a screwdriver using LIGHT PRESSURE. Remember the chassis is the same as the earlier models.

If you're new to this tool, we recommend buying a Schlage F-Line knob at your local hardware store and practice. Start by removing the knob & cylinder so you can see what you're trying to hit with this tool. Get it working a couple times, then put the knob back on and try again. Remember that this tool allows you to TURN the knob without picking. It's not going to help you remove the cylinder without a key (unless you consider opening the door so you can take the knob off for easier picking as help).

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