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Lexus LXP90-P Mechanical Key - Use for TOY40 TOY48 Test (JMA)

  • Item #: 1971
  • Model: JMA-TOYO-18.P
  • Manufacturer: JMA
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Use these keys for older Lexus and as mechanical test keys for TOY40 and TOY48.

MT3 Fuki MT3A Fuki KK10P Ilco TY43P Errebi TT40P CEA LXV90P Ilco LXV90P Orion LXP90P Ilco LXP90P Orion TOY40P Silca TOY40P HD MA33XP Orion MZ46LP Lotus LXP90-PH Jet TOY40AP Silca TY43P80 Errebi MAZ23LP Silca MAZ23LP HD XPTYA610 RR 1558 PS75 B

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