LogiKey BLUE Penloader Refresh Service

Serial #
  • Item #: 4505
  • Model: LGK-REFRESH
  • Manufacturer: LogiKey


Get your BLUE Penloader back into perfect and updated condition. This refresh service includes:

  • Hardware inspection
  • New rechargeable batteries
  • New gold pins in your pogo head
  • New, updated software
  • Updated printed user manual
  • 6 months warranty (parts & labor)

One of the biggest parts of this refresh service that makes it so important for Blue Penloader owners is the software update. Units bought before September 2014 only support the following 6 options:

  • LED1 SOLID: Toyota / Lexus 16-Bit Virginize
  • LED2 SOLID: Toyota Prius 2001-2003
  • LED3 SOLID: Toyota Sequoia 2003-2007
  • LED4 SOLID: Toyota / Lexus 32-Bit
  • LED5 SOLID: Honda / Acura Red/Black
  • LED6 SOLID: Undo / Restore Last
  • LED6 BLINKING: Read & Save to Restore

Now, with updated software, LogiKey has added the following 5 flashing files:

  • LED1 BLINKING: Lexus LS400 1997 (50020)
  • LED2 BLINKING: Toyota / Lexus 16-Bit Master (3-Key for Early 1998 Models)
  • LED3 BLINKING: Toyota FJ Cruiser 2010-2012
  • LED4 BLINKING: Saab CIM 2003-2009
  • LED5 BLINKING: Toyota / Lexus 16-Bit Non-Transponder

This eliminates the need for the Expansion Board / Library Card altogether.

What's the process?

  1. Purchase your refresh service here
    Make sure you enter your serial number on the left before you click Add to Cart. If you would like overnight service (Fedex Priority), please make sure you pay for it on checkout.
  2. Package your device safely with a copy of your invoice
    Please print a copy of your order confirmation or invoice and include it with your device. Please protect your Penloader properly or send in the original case. We will not be held responsible for damage during mailing.
  3. Mail your device to LogiKey
    Please use a dependable delivery service and do not lose your tracking information. Ship to:
    29459 Pebble Beach Dr
    Murietta, CA 92563
    (951) 965-8533
  4. Upon receipt, LogiKey will service your device and send back to you usually within 48 hours (excluding weekends and holidays). If there are any issues with your device upon inspection, a LogiKey staff member will try to contact you (make sure you include a valid, direct phone number on the invoice). Please note that unless you specify otherwise, the standard, included shipping method is USPS Priority Mail.