Medeco X4—One-Time Custom Coin Die Charge (MEDECO)

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  • Item #: 7403
  • Model: MED-CN-DIES
  • Manufacturer: Medeco


These Medeco X4 cylinders and cores cannot be shipped unpinned unless you have a 3-way contract with us and Medeco and have your own custom key blank. Please call us with your job requirements and we can quickly and inexpensively pin up your cores and cut your keys for you. For additional information, you may contact us at 1-800-692-1898.

For those that would like to be able to cut their own X4 keys and pin up their own X4 cores & cylinders, you must...

  1. Sign a 3-way contract between us, you, and Medeco
  2. Order your own custom coin die (this product)
  3. Order a minimum of 200 key blanks (6-8 week wait for first order) (Schlage LFIC control keys)
  4. Order pinning kits (this is optional, but very typical)
  5. Order your cores & cylinders from us as needed

*Dropship only. Dropship fees may apply.