Medeco X4 Restricted—1-1/8" Mortise Cyl. Chrome—Standard Yale Cam (Medeco)

  • Item #: 7373
    EZ #: M118-X4-26D
    Model: MED-100200-N-26-S
  • Manufacturer: Medeco


Medeco® Rim and Mortise cylinders provide patented key control in adaptable retrofit cylinder formats. Medeco® Mortise cylinders have threads on the outside of the shell and are designed to be screwed into other manufacturer’s mortise lock cases. A cam on the back of the cylinder operates the lock mechanism and a set screw holds the mortise cylinder in place. Medeco® Rim cylinders are used with auxiliary rim
locks such as: surface mounted deadbolts, night latches, panic devices and jimmyproof locks (also know as vertical dropbolts or interlocking
deadbolts). Rim cylinders are held in place with a back plate and two mounting screws. Medeco X4 offers utility patented key control.


  • Patented Key Control: Protects against unauthorized duplication of your keys.
  • Uses Existing Hardware: Medeco offers the largest selection of retrofit Rim & Mortise cylinders that reduce cost by eliminating the need to replace your existing hardware.

Technical Features:

  • BHMA A156.30 Certification assures patent protected key control and physical strength
  • BHMA A156.5 Grade 1 Certification assures consistent quality for heavy use applications
  • Solid brass construction provides high quality and long cylinder life
  • Set screw pin chamber caps allow quick and easy pinning and re-keying without the need to take the cylinder apart
  • Large variety of cylinder lengths and cam/tailpiece configurations provide excellent retrofit capability and reduce the need to  replace the entire locking device
Format 1-1/8" 6-pin Mortise Cylinder
Finish Satin Chrome (US26D)
Cam Standard Yale Cam (click here to order alternative cams)
Pins/Keys Comes unpinned with no keys
Applications Flexible options designed to retrofit various manufacturers of Mortise and Rim locks
Warranty Warranted for two (2) years against manufacturer's defects. See the Medeco limited warranty for full details.


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