MN026-Key Programming EIS/ESL/DAS Manager/7-Gear ETC/ISM(Abrites

  • Item #: 10406
  • Model: ABR-MN026
  • Manufacturer: Abrites


Generating of key dumps for vehicles with DAS-2, DAS-2A, DAS-2B, DAS3.Smart key programming. Read partially data of the EIS. Read/update configuration data of the ESL. Virgin ESL. Resetting ETC (722.9) and ISM by diagnostic to the factory state without losing of SCN coding. Infra Red and password reader, Personalization, Activation, Coding.

​DAS-2 - these are vehicles up to year 1998, which have an EEPROM 93C46 in the key -W124 E-Class,W140 S-Class,W202 C-Class,W208 CLK,W210 E-Class

DAS-2A - W168 A - class

DAS-2B - W163 - ML from 1998 to 2005 year.Read/Write AAM and DAS EEPROM data.Learn radio code of transmitter keys. Deactivate/Reactivate keys

DAS Manager - The DAS Manager special function allows many modifications to the different units within the vehicles. Using this function the ECU, TCU, ISM, ELV and EZS can be returned to a virgin state, adapted to a vehicle, personalized, activated and coded. This function is extremely useful when using the DAS Manager to exchange used electronic modules in Mercedes – Benz vehicles.

    Electrical Ignition Switch (EIS/EZS), K-Line, CAN, UDS) - Virgin/Personalize/Activate/Read ConfData/Read/Write Coding of EIS modules by diagnostics. Key programming and key emulation. Key enabling and disabling. EZS password reading (for EZS modules equipped with motorola HC912/HC908) by IR.
    Electrical Steering Lock (ESL, K-line, LIN, CAN)  - Virgin. Read ConfData. Lock/Unlock. Personalize. Activate. Disable/Enable keys. Write VIN of brand new and virgin units.
    Engine Control Unit - Virgin(by calculatiing the service password). Read FBS data. Read/Save/Write Coding. Personalization. Activation
    Transmission Control Unit - Virgin(by calculatiing the service password). Read FBS data. Read/Save/Write Coding. Personalization. Activation
    Intelligent Servo Module (ISM) - Virgin(by calculatiing the service password). Read FBS data. Read/Save/Write Coding. Personalization. Activation   

   By OBDII - SMART key teach-in (K-Line and CAN)

  "Transponder Generation" function. With this function you can program precoded transponders for the following vehicles:
  - C Class (before 1998)
  - E Class (before 1998)
  - G Class (before 1998)
  - ML W163 (1998-2005). After you program the transponder you should also program the transponder key to the Drive Authorization System by using the special function DAS-2B

  Read/Update ConfData of Sensotronic Brake Control (SBC). Automatic Repair.

  Infra Red and NEC password reader

You can program an EXTRA key if you have an existing key for the vehicles with a NEC MCU. Supported existing keys should be NEC v. 51 or v. 57. The operation itself is quite simple and straight forward - read data from EIS (through IR cable without removing the EIS), read the data from the existing key with ABPROG, software will then generate the online content of the new key for you and you should then program it with ABPROG.

  DAS 3 Key learning (Infra-Red Smart keys)

Key learning for the Infra- Red (IR) Mercedes keys. Reading EZS (EIS) Configuration data dump by IR connector or by OBD (Please note that the password is not read and needs to be acquired by reading the NEC MCU of a working key). Once the Dump is read (either by OBD, IR or programmer) and the password is obtained the calculation can be performed online with the Abrites servers in order to generate key dumps or it can be performed offline using the Abrites PROTAG programmer which needs to be connected to the computer and the Abrites diagnostics for Mercedes/Maybach/Smart.  The calculated key dumps can be written onto IR keys (Original or Abrites IR keys) using the PROTAG programmer's IR port or using an ABPROG V4 PCB to which the NEC MCU needs to be soldered.

This software includes a ZN036- IR AVDI Cable, which is required for use with the MN026 special function.
New AVDI Interface or active AMS is required to purchase this special functions.​