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  • Item #: 8651
  • Model: AD-TK20
  • Manufacturer: Advanced Diagnostics
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MVP / T-Code Serial #
SMART Pro Serial Number


Advanced Diagnostics USA has announced an extension on the time allocated for owners to keep their existing MVP Pro or TCode Pro when trading for the Smart Pro.

Owners will be allowed to keep their existing units beyond the original 60 days offered for trade-in orders. This extension allows additional time for owners gain a better understanding of the Smart Pro technology and improved platform while keeping their existing units as their trusted back-up resource. 
Advanced Diagnostics will provide a notification to owners as to when trade-in units should be returned along with an accompanying RMA.
Advanced Diagnostics recognizes that owners need tokens for their MVP Pro when used as a back-up for their Smart Pro. As a result, Advanced Diagnostics is offering a 20 pack of tokens (item # TT0366XXXX) specifically for any Smart Pro owners that are trading in their MVP Pro. 
Tokens can be used on their MVP Pro until it is returned. Once the trade in MVP Pro is returned, Advanced Diagnostics will add an additional 20 tokens to your Smart Pro. Regardless of how many tokens you used from the initial 20 pack, you will still receive the additional 20 upon trade in.
To qualify for this 20 pack of tokens, Advanced Diagnostics will require the serial number of the new Smart Pro as well as the serial number of the MVP Pro.

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