Narrow Style Access Lock Prox Keypad - Satin Chrome (Alarm Lock)

  • Item #: 12931
    Model: ALA-ALAPDL1300ET/26D
  • Manufacturer: Alarm Lock Systems Inc


Alarm Lock Trilogy DL1300ET Series Lock

The DL1300ET features a real-time clock/calendar that automatically adjusts for Daylight Saving Time and allows for automated programming of events.

Features three methods of programming: (1) all features can be programmed manually through the keypad; (2) you can transfer programming instructions directly from your laptop or desktop PC using DL-Windows software and a special AL-PCI cable; and (3) data can be transferred from your PC to your DL1300ET lock via the AL DTM handheld Data Transfer Module.

In addition, data can be retrieved from the lock in one of three ways (1) through an infrared printer; (2) directly from the lock to the PC; or (3) through an AL-DTM to your PC.


  • Audit Trail
    • 40,000 Event Capacity
    • Entries Logged with Time and Date
    • Critical Programming Events Logged
    • Uploadable using Alarm Lock's DL-Windows software
    • Transferable to AL-DTMs
  • Lock Features
    • Metal Key Override for all cylindrical locks
    • Keypad Lockout
    • Non-Volatile (Fixed) Memory
    • Real-Time Clock, adjustable accuracy to within one second
    • Visual and Audible Keypad Feedback
    • Battery Status Monitor
  • Scheduling
    • 500 Scheduled Events
    • Automated Unlock/Lock
    • Enable/Disable Users
    • Group Enable/Disable
    • Four "Quick Schedules"
    • Real-time clock and calendar
    • Programmable Timeout Functions
  • User Features
    • 2000 Users
    • 6 Pre-defined Administration User Levels including Master, Installer, Manager, Supervisor and Basic User Codes
    • User Code Lengths from 3-6 digits
    • Service Code
    • User Lockout Mode
    • Users Assignable to 4 Groups

Specifications for Alarm Lock Systems Inc ALAPDL1300ET/26D

Other Specs

Access Type Electronic
Alternate Codes ALAPDL1300ET 26D, ALAPDL1300ET/26D, PDL1300ET/26D, PDL1300ET26D
Finish Color Satin Chrome
Function Keypad Lock
Handing Non-Handed
Knob/Lever Style Lever
Lock Category Cylindrical Lock


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