Narrow Style Access Lock T3 Keypad - Satin Chrome (Alarm Lock)

  • Item #: 12926
    Model: ALA-ALADL1300ET/26D
  • Manufacturer: Alarm Lock Systems Inc



The DL1200ET, DL1300ET and PDL1300ET are manually programmable narrow stile entry trim for narrow stile aluminum doors. The following specialized templates are designed to utilize existing panic exit device mounting holes:

  • Arrow™ S1200/S1250 series (WI1758)
  • Corbin Russwin® ED8200/ED8400 series (WI1759)
  • DCI 1200/1300 series (WI1760)
  • Dorma 5300 series (WI1761)
  • Dor-O-Matic® 2090 series (WI1762)
  • Jackson® 1095 series (WI1763)
  • Von Duprin® 22 series (WI1764)
  • Von Duprin® 33/35 series (WI1765)

All mounting hole locations shown on the above installation templates are referenced from the existing mounting holes of the previously installed panic exit device hardware.

When a valid User Code is entered, the DL1200ET, DL1300ET or PDL1300ET retracts a tailpiece, allowing the tailpiece to unlock the device when the lever is pressed down. PDL (proximity) models allow either a User Code or the presentation of a proximity card to unlock the device.

A User Code can be programmed to enable Passage Mode to allow unrestricted passage until another access code is entered, re-locking the trim. All locks are equipped with a mechanical metal key override.

The overall enclosure housing is 14-3/8" inches high, 1-5/8" inches deep and 1-3/4" inches wide. The trim is through-bolted to the stile of the door (using four #10 screws) and is secured on the interior side of the door. Supported stile thickness is 1-3/4".

DL1200ET series supports 100 User Codes, fingertip keypad programmable.
DL1300ET series supports 2000 User Codes and includes a 40,000 event audit trail and a 500 event schedule. Keypad or PC programmable.
PDL1300ET series supports 2000 User Code or proximity card users and includes a 40,000 event audit trail and a 500 event schedule. Keypad or PC programmable.

  • Aluminum door retrofit outside trim for Arrow™ S1200/S1250 series, DCI 1200/1300 series, Corbin Russwin® ED8200/ED8400 series, 33/35 and 22 series, Dor-O-Matic® 2090 series, Jackson® 1095 series and Dorma 5300 series locks.
  • Familiar Trilogy® programming & electronics.
  • All-metal, vandal-resistant 12-button keypad supports 3-6 digit PIN codes (3-5 digits on the DL1200ET), and multilevel user hierarchy (master, manager, supervisor and basic users).
  • Keypad or PC programmable (see model information). Quickly and easily add or delete users and enter "passage mode", service codes, group lockout & group enable.
  • HID proximity Prox ID cards, keyfobs and tags supported in PDL1300 series which features a built-in proximity reader (high security applications can require the use of both User PIN Code plus proximity ID card for access).
  • Real time clock and PC programmable automatic lock / unlock scheduling for 500 events (1300 Series models).
  • Wide weatherproof operating range from -31 deg to 151 deg;F (-35 deg to 66 deg;C).
  • Provides 100,000 operations using off-the-shelf long life DL123A lithium batteries, and includes audible and visual low battery alert.
  • Non-handed; fully field-reversible.
  • Mechanical key override; interchangeable cores supported (Corbin/Russwin, Yale, Schlage, Medeco).
  • Mortise Cylinder, 1-1/4" supplied (supports 1-1/8", 1-1/4", 1-3/8" and 1-1/2".
  • Stile thickness 1-3/4".

Specifications for Alarm Lock Systems Inc ALADL1300ET/26D

Other Specs
Access Type Electronic, Standalone
Alternate Codes DL1300ET/26D, DL1300ET26D
Finish Color Satin Chrome
Function Keypad Lock
Handing Non-Handed
Knob/Lever Style Lever
Lock Category Rim Exit


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