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NEW!—Keyline Toyota G-Chip Update for 884 Cloners (TKG-KIT)

  • Item #: 8832
  • Model: KLN-TKG-KIT
  • Manufacturer: Keyline
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TKG.Kit is the innovative system that can clone Texas® 80-bit transponders contained in keys marked with a "G" that are used for many Toyota® car models.

Thanks to this innovation, 884 Decryptor Mini with Keyline Cloning Tool App and 884 Decryptor Ultegra with the powerful Keyline software expands the cloning applications and becomes even more versatile and efficient.

To enable cloning with Texas® 80-bit transponders for Toyota® with CKG carbon chip and with TKG electronic head, you must activate the TKG. Kit software update. Simply insert the TKG electronic head, located in the kit, into your device and wait for the activation confirmation.

After enabling, the TKG electronic head can be used to clone one Toyota® 80-bit transponder key.

TKG.Kit further expands the possibilities of all specialists, allowing the cloning of some of the most popular and widespread car models in the world.

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