NEW!—ULTIMATE 4-in-1 Car Door Unlocking Kit

  • Item #: 17435
    Model: LL-CDUKIT
  • Manufacturer: Magnus


Our Best Seller, this set includes the patent-pending One Hand Jack that is the main component in this system. No longer do you have to jam a wedge into the door frame. Now with gentle leverage, you can put the one hand jack on the door frame, and slowly apply pressure and then insert the Air Jack air wedge, also included in the set. Then once the air wedge is in place and you have the air jack in place, use the Shielded Quick Max long reach tool, featuring a protective coating that protects the paint from scratches, and unlock the vehicle. For vertical buttons, this kit also comes with the strap tool, nicknamed the Mercedes strap, for certain vehicles that have an exposed vertical button.

  • Standard Reach Tool
  • 2-in-1 Short & Long Reach Tool
  • Button-Puller Tool
  • Medium Air Wedge
  • Hand Pry Tool
  • Hook Tip
  • Magnet Tip
  • Flashlight Tip
  • 5 Spare Rubber Tips
  • Vinyl Zipper Carrying Pouch


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