NISSAN 10-Cut Door Locks - AeroLock TO-102 (DA34)

  • Item #: 1011
    Model: AER-TO102
  • Manufacturer: AeroLock


Key Blank: DA34
Code Series: 00001-22185
Spaces Cut: 3-10
# of Keys: 256

Works Nissan locks using the code series above.

This set is grouped in 16 groups of 16 keys each, so you don't have to try all 256 keys to get a working key.Try one of each key in the glove box, once you find a key that works try the ring of keys it is on in the door.

Use this set for DOOR LOCKS on 10-cut Nissans that use the DA34 key blank. This will help you figure out cuts 3-10, then progression for the last 2 cuts to get the ignition turning. 256 keys in this set.

One of the oldest tricks in the book for automotive locksmiths, try-out keys give you a simple way to make replacement keys for your customers. We are a distributor of Aero Lock, the top producer of automotive try-out keys for locksmiths.

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