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Online Course—Advanced Electronics I (DAL)

  • Item #: 9228
  • Model: DAL-WEB-AE
  • Manufacturer: Diagnostic Auto Lab
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Upon completion of this course, technicians should understand and be able to apply their knowledge of:

  • Concepts, applications and components of automotive electronics
  • Measuring and interpreting analog and digital signals, pulse-width modulation, computer inputs and outputs 
  • Semiconductors: standard diodes, zeners, LEDs, and transistors
  • Semiconductor circuitry: rectifiers, regulators, indicators, and control devices 
  • Automotive computer systems: memory and memory types, communications and Class II data 
  • System actuators: switched and pulse-width modulated controls 
  • Performance testing for inputs and outputs 
  • Input devices: switched, analog, and digital signals 
  • Test procedures

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