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Online Course—DRIVETRAIN (DAL)

  • Item #: 9236
  • Model: DAL-WEB-DT
  • Manufacturer: Diagnostic Auto Lab
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Upon completion of this course, technicians should understand and be able to apply their knowledge of:

Introduction and Drivetrain Layouts

  • Introduction
  • Automatic vs. Manual
  • Drivetrain Layouts

Service Preparation and Lubricant

  • Review Vehicle and Service Information
  • Checking Lubricant
  • Diagnosing and Correcting for Fluid Loss
  • Draining and Refilling

Clutch Components

  • Clutch Principles and Function
  • Clutch Components and Operation
  • Flywheel
  • Clutch Disc
  • Pressure Plate
  • Release Mechanisms
  • Other Parts
  • Putting it All Together

Clutch Diagnosis

  • Clutch Diagnosis
  • Clutch Noises
  • Slipping vs. Dragging
  • Chattering or Grabbing
  • Clutch Pedal Problems
  • Heat, Damaged Friction Surfaces, and other Clutch Problems

Clutch Service

  • Clutch Adjustment
  • Servicing a Hydraulic System
  • Bleeding a Hydraulic System

Transmission Components and Power Flow

  • Manual Transmission Fundamentals
  • Gear Types
  • Transmission Components and Operation
  • Synchronizer Assemblies
  • Gear Shift Mechanisms
  • Transmission Power Flow
  • Electronically Controlled Manual Transmissions

Driveshaft Design, Diagnosis, and Repair

  • Driveshaft Principles, Function, and Construction
  • Yokes
  • Universal Joints
  • Reducing Rotational Speed Fluctuation
  • Two-Piece Driveshaft
  • Driveshaft Diagnosis
  • Driveshaft Service

Halfshaft Design, Diagnosis, and Repair

  • Halfshaft Principles, Function, and Construction
  • Rzeppa-Style CV Joint Design
  • Tripod-Style CV Joint Design
  • Boots and Clamps
  • Halfshaft Symptoms
  • Halfshaft Inspection

Differential Assemblies

  • Differential Principles, Operation, and Diagnosis
  • Major Components of a Rear Axle
  • Inspecting and Replacing Fluid in the Differential Housing

Drive Axle Assemblies

  • Rear Axle Bearing Assemblies
  • Axle Shaft Assemblies
  • Full Floating Axle Shafts
  • Axle Wheel Studs

Drive Axle Assemblies

  • Four-Wheel-Drive Overview
  • Inspection of Front-Wheel Bearings and Locking Hubs
  • Check Drive Assembly Seals and Vents
  • Checking the Lube Level