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  • Manufacturer: Diagnostic Auto Lab
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Upon completion of this course, technicians should understand and be able to apply their knowledge of:

Introduction to Steering and Suspension

  • Steering and Suspension Systems Overview
  • Tie Rod Ends
  • Steering Column Assembly
  • Rack-and-Pinion Steering System
  • Conventional Steering Systems
  • Types of Power Steering
  • Electric Power Steering

Steering and Suspension Systems and Operation

  • Suspension System Main Components
  • Springs
  • Control Arms
  • Shock Absorbers
  • Ball Joints
  • Suspension Systems

Steering System Service

  • Common Steering System Problems
  • Common Steering System Services
  • Steering Gear Service
  • Rack-and-Pinion Service
  • Inspection and Service of Power Steering Pump Filters
  • Electric Power-Assisted Steering Systems

Suspension System Service

  • Common Suspension System Problems
  • Shock Absorbers and MacPherson Strut Cartridges
  • Bushing Inspection and Service
  • Vehicle Ride Height and Spring Service
  • Ball Joint Wear, Inspection, and Service
  • Steering Linkage Wear, Inspection, and Service
  • The Complete Steering and Suspension Inspection

Wheel Alignment Service

  • Relationships of Angles and Adjustment Sequence
  • Reading Tire Wear
  • Wheel Alignment Equipment
  • Types of Alignments
  • Alignment Preparations and Setup (Four-Wheel and Thrust Alignments)
  • Measuring Wheel Alignment
  • Adjustment Methods
  • Alignment Tips and Strategies

Wheel and Tire Design

  • Basic Wheel Construction
  • Wheels with Tire Pressure Sensors
  • Wheel Maintenance
  • Tire Design
  • Tire Construction
  • Grades and Ratings
  • Tire Placard

Wheel and Tire Service

  • Inflating and Inspecting tires
  • Rotating the Tires
  • Mounting Tires
  • Repairing Tires
  • Measuring and Correcting Wheel Runout
  • Correcting Tire/Wheel Imbalance