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Roll-Pin Removal Set with Roll Pins and Case (GTL)

  • Item #: 8683
  • Manufacturer: Global Tecspro


The tools are designed to assist in the removal of the roll pin that secures the key blade into many of the newer model vehicles flip open style keys. Utilizes a corkscrew spring-loaded feeder system that makes quick blade replacements very simple.

Includes case and four handles to allow for every size roll pin you would need to remove.
  1. Keep the tool straight when punching the roll pins out and it will never break on you!
  2. Forget using jigs or vises. Just buy yourself some flat cork boards and use them as your working surface.

These roll pins are suitable for use in a variety of jobs including automotive, household, and industrial tasks. They are designed to be durable for a long service life.

1.6*5.2MM Roll Pins 2.0*8.3MM Roll Pins
1.6*6.0MM Roll Pins 2.1*7.0MM Roll Pins
1.6*6.5MM Roll Pins 2.2*5.6MM Roll Pins
1.6*8.0MM Roll Pins M2.0*4PM Screws

Quantity: 70 Roll Pins + 10 Screws

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