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Set of Replacement Roll Pins & Screws—10 Each in 7 Sizes (GTL)

  • Item #: 9073
  • Model: GTL-LT-064
  • Manufacturer: Global Tecspro


Be prepared for all of your remote refurbishing with this complete set of roll pins and screws.


  • 10x 1.6x5.2mm roll pins
  • 10x 1.6x6.0mm roll pins
  • 10x 1.6x6.5mm roll pins (most common)
  • 10x 1.8x8.0mm roll pins
  • 10x 2.0x8.3mm roll pins
  • 10x 2.1x7.0mm roll pins
  • 10x 2.2x5.6mm roll pins
  • 10x M2.0x4PM screws (perfect for Honda/Toyota/Lexus)


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