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Silca Duo Plus Key Machine (ILCO)

  • Item #: 11085
  • Model: ILC-BH0058XXXX
  • Manufacturer: Ilco


Duo Plus is an innovative, dual carriage machine that cuts cylinder, vehicle and cruciform keys (left-hand carriage) as well as bit, double bit, flat style (safe, safety deposit, mailbox) and special keys such as Abus® and Abloy® type keys (right-hand carriage).
The tilting mechanism makes it possible to make excellent flares on bit and double bit keys
Innovative carriage release system for free-moving or regulated carriage
Four-sided revolving clamps on the left side for edge cut style
Two/three sided revolving clamps on the right for Abus® and Abloy® type keys
Cut-out switch that triggers automatically should power fail
LED lighting illuminates work area
Large swarf tray
Technical Specs:
Power Supply: 120V-60Hz, Rated Current 2.7 Amps
Motor: .25HP, single phase, 1700 rpm
Cutter: BC0605XXXX / BC0606XXXX both are HSS
Cutter Guide: BJ0928XXXX / BJ1229XXXX
Brush: BJ0929XXXX 3/8" (10 mm) Nylon




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