Silca Futura Spare Cutter for High Security Keys 01L (ILCO)

  • Item #: 4757
  • Model: ILC-FUT-01L
  • Manufacturer: Ilco


Ground-Breaking, Fully Automated, Portable

Futura is Silca's ground-breaking electronic key cutting machine for flat, laser, dimple and cruciform keys.

Designed and engineered to minimize size while maximizing user-friendliness, it features fully-guided key cutting procedures and compact dimensions making it the ideal tool for key cutters who want to be equipped with an affordable electronic key cutting machine and locksmiths who provide home repair and installation services and require an easy-to-carry machine.

  • Practical and user-friendly
    Futura makes your job easier. The machine movements on 3 axes are entirely automated, while the tablet-integrated software guides you step-by-step in all key cutting operations. LED lighting of the working area changes color according to the machine's status for an immediate process control.
  • Innovation at the touch of a screen
    A 10" touch-screen tablet integrates Silca Software's main data and functions, allowing you to search through the largest key database available on the market* and keep it updated over time through the Internet. Tablet support is tilting and adjustable in height.
  • Exclusive remote support
    Silca remains by your side in your everyday work. Our technical assistance staff worldwide will provide you with remote support whenever you need it. The dedicated remote assistance application is accessed directly from the machine's tablet**.
  • Optimized double function cutting process
    Thanks to the optical reader, copy by original and the resistant-to-wear prismatic cutter, you will be able to copy any flat key, ensuring at the same time that the key copy will be exactly faithful to the original. Laser and dimple keys are decoded by electric contact. A clamp with interchangeable jaws extends the range of laser and dimple keys duplicated, while reducing the costs of optional accessories. Calibration is automatic for all types of keys.
  • Space-saving and portable solution
    Keep the entire Silca database at hand. Futura's compact dimensions, reduced weight and ergonomic grip make it easy to carry and suitable for small-sized shops and vans. A see-through safety shield slides within the machine body to reduce encumbrance to the minimum.
  • Silca design and quality
    Futura combines design and quality. Characterized by modern, clean-cut lines and a neat-looking shape, the machine is made of select components and first-rate materials and applies the most cutting-edge technologies, complying with the highest standards of Silca quality.
Motor: 24V DC
Power Provider: 90/264V - 50/60 Hz
Movements: On 3 Axes
Prismatic Cutter: TIN-coated HSS (Super Rapid Steel)
Cutter: TIN-coated HSS (Super Rapid Steel)
Carriage Runs: 30 mm - 1.18" axis X
50 mm - 1.97" axis Y
27 mm - 1.06" axis Z
Dimensions: Width: 318 mm - 12.52"
Depth: 413 mm - 16.26"
Height: 340 mm - 13.38" (with tablet and support: 520 mm - 20.47")
Mass: 20 Kg (44.09 lbs)

*Futura database covers 98% of the vehicle models available on the worldwide market.
**Via Wi-Fi router with Internet connection.

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