Slick Locks Spinner for Master/American/Sesame Hockey Puck Locks

  • Item #: 4122
  • Model: SL-NPS-10
  • Manufacturer: Slick Locks


The Slick Locks SPINNER 360™ slip rings are specifically designed to be installed on each puck lock. To protect against tampering and insure further security to your puck lock, Spinners turn the locks into a rotating bearing that prohibits locks from being twisted off. It just spins! Spinners will remain on puck locks at all times using a stainless steel ring with a key way access hole for easy lock on and off usage. For your convenience, Spinners can be easily removed from the puck locks for routine cleaning and lock maintenance. By simply using the Spinner 360™ on your puck lock with the official Slick Locks Blade Brackets™, you will be instantly adding the most complete security protection for your vehicle available and ONLY from Slick Locks!

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