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  • Item #: 2392
  • Model: AD-SW-C
  • Manufacturer: Advanced Diagnostics


Product # Description Pro Units Only? Key Programming Remote Programming PINCODE Reading Hardware Required Application
ADS-108 LDV No Yes Yes: Cub & Maxus Yes: Cub Only AD Website Dongle A (ADC154), Dongle B (ADC155), ADC250, ADC110B, ADC118B, ADC133 Selected LDV vehicles - all years are supported
ADS-130 GM CAN Bus No Yes Yes AD Website Dongle A (ADC154), ADC250, ADC110B GM vehicles with the CAN system from 2002 onwards. PINCODES are available
ADS-135 Isuzu No Yes Yes AD Website Dongle A (ADC154), Dongle G (ADC160), ADC250, ADC110B UK Isuzu vehicles only. Diesel & petrol vehicles are supported. Pin-code is required and is available
ADS-137 Sprinter USA 2003-2006 Yes Yes No No Dongle A (ADC154), ADC100, ADC137 Software for Mercedes Sprinter vans - all years are supported for key programming only, including Dodge Sprinter. PINCODE is required
ADS-143 BMW / Mini No Yes Yes Yes Dongle A (ADC154), ADC250, ADC110B MINI vehicles fitted with EWS3 from 2001 onwards
ADS-147 (Requires ADS-118) Kia CAN No Yes Yes AD Website Dongle A (ADC154), ADC250, ADC110B Kia vehicles with CAN system with the Type 1 remote control system from 2006 onwards. PINCODE is required and is available
ADS-148 Hyundai CAN
Now included as part of ADS-147
No Yes Yes AD Website - -
ADS-155 Ford PATS 5 for 2008 Focus
Now included as part of ADS-100
No Yes Yes No - -
ADS-163 Suzuki CAN Proximity Yes Yes No Yes Dongle A (ADC154), Dongle D (ADC157), ADC250, ADC110B, ADC128 Suzuki vehicles with the CAN system from 2005 onwards. Proximity keys are covered also
ADS-165 Saturn Astra
Now included as part of ADS-138
No Yes Yes No - -
ADS-170 Nissan PIN Converter Yes No No Yes Dongle A (ADC154), ADC250 Software used to covert the BCM data into a pin-code for Siemens immobilisers. Code label is normally located on the back of the ECU
ADS-176 Daihatsu  Yes Yes No No Dongle A (ADC154), ADC189, ADC250
Programming for the master key only in a lost key situation for Daihatsu vehicles from 2005 onwards. To program additional keys, use ADC189 (slave key programmer) as a stand-alone unit.
ADS-181 Fiat USA Yes Yes Yes AD Website Dongle A (ADC154), Dongle J (ADC173C), ADC250 Fiat 500 USA vehicles from 2012
ADS-182 Great Wall Motors Yes Yes Yes: Manual No Dongle A (ADC154), ADC250 GWM vehicles for key programming only. Remote programming is a manual procedure.  PINCODE - if lost is only available from dealerships.
ADS-186 VAG 2012 Yes Yes Yes Yes Dongle A (ADC154), ADC250 Key & remote programming for VAG vehicles - check by chassis number

ADS-190 (Requires ADS-100,172,175)

Ford Parameter Reset Yes No No No ADC100 *Parameter reset for various Ford, Lincoln, Mercury & Mazda vehicles. On ford / Mazda vehicles
ADS-191 IVECO Daily PIN Read 2012 Yes No No Yes Dongle A (ADC154), ADC250
Read Pincodes from the BCM module for all variants of the IVECO Daily from 2006 to 2011
ADS-221 Renault Code Bypass Yes No No No Dongle A (ADC154), ADC250, ADC251
ADS221 is specifically for the vehicles that require a web challenge during the key programming procedure and will simply bypass the requirement for the web challenge code, thus eliminating typing errors and saving you time.
ADS-228 (Requires ADS-127) Subaru 2015 Yes Yes Yes No ADC250 or ADC151 Subaru Legacy and the Subaru Outback
ADS-230 VAG Instrument Cluster Reset Yes - - - - -
ADS-231 Fiat 2015 Yes Yes Yes Yes ADC250, ADC251 ADS231 key programming software now includes pincode reading and precoding for the Fiat 500L and various other manufacturers. For an improved, time saving and streamlined procedure, precoding can be performed seamlessly in the background using the Smart Aerial and Smart Dongle, enabling the locksmith to precode a blank transponderand without having to switch to another device or tool. Without the Smart Dongle - only pincode reading is available
ADS-233 Suzuki 2015 (India) Yes Yes Yes No Dongle C (ADC156), ADC250, ADC251
Will program keys for various models of Suzuki cars. A pincode is required to program keys - however, this software does not currently provide this functionality - therefore the locksmith would need to obtain the pincode from the dealer.
ADS-224 Subaru 2014 Yes Yes Yes No Dongle A (ADC154), ADC251, ADC250
Subaru 2014 key & remote programming software is for selected Subaru vehicles worldwide - excluding USA & Canada. ADS224 software will program proximity keys and remotes for the B4, Outback & Impreza. A PIN Code is required and this can be obtained from the Subaru dealer or by reading the EEPROM. 
ADS-249 Nissan 2015 Yes Yes Yes: Manual Yes Dongle G (ADC160), ADC250, ADC251
ADS249 software programs keys for selected Nissan vehicles specific to the South American market. This software allows keys to be added or programmed from a lost key situation. The software has been designed to read the 12 digit pincode data automatically in the background, making it a seamless process when programming keys. Remote programming is a manual procedure. 
ADS-255 (Requires ADS-228) Subaru 2016 Yes Yes Yes - ADC250, ADC251, Dongle A, Smart Dongle, Smart card Various Subaru vehicles without requiring a PINCODE
ADS-2255 Subaru (*late models with 'G' key type) Yes Yes Yes No ADC2000B Subaru 2012-2021 (Bladed key and Prox)
ADS-2266 Chrysler 2014-2017
Now including Maserati 2017
Yes Yes Yes Yes ADC2000
Chrysler, Dodge and
Maserati vehicles from 2014 to 2017
ADS-2296 Toyota and Lexus 2020 Yes Yes Yes - ADC2000B
Toyota (Prox):
Avalon HV
RAV4 (Proximity)
Lexus (Prox):
ADS-2297 Nissan Kicks (Prox) 2018-2020
Nissan Sentra (Prox) 2020
Nissan Versa (Prox) 2020
Yes Yes Yes - ADC2000 Nissan vehicles without the need for online access, NASTF, or dealer codes. The security is automatically bypassed making for a quick and easy, stand-alone procedure


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