Smart Pro Mercedes Solution Kit (Ilco)

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  • Item #: 14259
    Model: ILC-ADC-260-KIT
  • Manufacturer: Ilco


This kit is the solution for programming slot keys compatible with Mercedes models produced from 1996 to 2014.


ADC-260 Mercedes Smart Programmer - connects to the customer's Smart Pro device via USB cable and comes equipped with an emulator key

  • The key emulator simulates the original key to read data from the car immobilizer. It perfectly fits the ignition unit of vehicles supported by this solution.
  • The base station features an infrared slot for key reading and writing. It lodges in the Smart Aerial slot at the back of the Smart Pro.
  • The device is connected to the Smart Pro via USB port.

ADS-2298 Mercedes Software - this is automatically activated when the ADC-260 Smart Pro Programmer is connected to the Smart Pro

  • The software shows the unused slots among the 8 keys available on a Mercedes* vehicle to avoid overwriting an existing working key.
  • Does NOT currently have All-Keys-Lost functionality. Only Add-A-Key for programming additional keys.
  • Choice of standard OBD or emulator key procedure to ensure maximum vehicle coverage.

2 x POD-BENZ-4B1 Ilco Look-Alike® slot keys (keys sold separately)

  • Similar design as the original key.
  • Ready-to-program with the PCB, infrared technology, and emergency blade HU106 included.
  • 4 function buttons for lock, unlock trunk release, and panic.
  • Infrared technology allows you to automatically open and close the windows just like original keys.
  • Possibility to reset and rewrite the key in case of mistakes while programming.
  • Default key configuration is 315MHz, but a frequency of 433MHz can be set in the markets where allowed.

*Please Note: programs with Add-A-Key functionality ONLY. All-Keys-Lost coming soon!

Please include the Smart Pro serial number with all purchase orders for the Mercedes solution to add the software to the unit.

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