Super ADP 8A/4A Adapter for Toyota/Lexus Prox Key Programming (Lonsdor)

$398.85 $299.99
  • Item #: 17351
    Model: LON-ADP-8A4A
  • Manufacturer: Lonsdor


Lonsdor Super ADP 8A/4A Adapter for the K518USA Key Programmer

ADP+K518 (Read Data+OBD) Highlights:
  • Supports over 90% of Toyota & Lexus (up to 2021) proximity smart key programmings without PIN codes
    • 8A: DST-AES 88 A8 A9 AA
    • 4A: HITAG-AES
  • Supports emergency start after programming
  • Can delete lost keys and add three or more keys
  • Supports EU US ME Toyota all keys lost via OBD
  • MUST BE USED with Lonsdor K518 series
  • All Keys Lost requires an LKE emulator as well
  • Data read by ADP adapter can be reused for programming (The rolling code from dealer changes each time)
  • For smart keys only
  • ADP adapter works without a Toyota AKL license or upgrade subscription
  • ADP can only be bound to one K518 device. Once the ADP is bound, it cannot be unbound
Super ADP Adapter Function:
  • Backup immo data
  • Add key by OBD
  • All key lost
  • Delete key
  • Free password to program dealer keys & Lonsdor FT-series keys
Toyota 8A
Toyota Camry 2013-2021
Toyota Camry 2013-2021
Toyota Land Cruiser 2014-2021
Toyota Prado 2014-2021
Toyota Crown 2015-2021
Toyota Alphard 2015-2021
Toyota Vellfire 2015-2021
Toyota Previa 2015-2021
Toyota C-HR 2018-2021
Toyota Izon 2018-2021
Toyota Wildlander 2018-2021
Toyota Avalon HV 2019-2021
Toyota Rav4 2014-2021
Toyota Prius 2015-2021
Toyota Avalon 2019-2021
Toyota Corolla EX 2013-2019
Toyota Harrier 2021
Lexus 8A
Lexus UX series 2018-2021
Lexus RX series 2013-2021
Lexus NX series 2017-2021
Lexus LS series 2013-2021
Toyota 4A
Toyota Livin 2021
Toyota Allion 2021
Toyota Corolla 2019
Other Models
Toyota Corolla HV 2019-2021
Toyota Levin 2019-2021
Toyota Levin HV 2019-2021
Lexus IS series 2013-2021
Lexus G series 2013-2021

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