Super Pro Car Opening Set (Access Tools)

  • Item #: 1680
  • Model: AT-SPRO
  • Manufacturer: Access Tools


The Super Pro Complete Set is the most complete lockout set from Access Tools. Using the included Car Opening Manual, all basic car opening procedures are outlined in detail to make lockouts quick and easy. All of the high-quality in-the-door tools feature our unique Tool-ID system that aids in locating the correct tool for the job. The set comes with the two-piece Snap-N-Lock Long Reach tool so you can perform lockouts easily. For vertical button vehicles, this set includes the Button Master tool for easy opening of hard-to-grab buttons. This set of essential car opening tools, together with the accessories included, will get you into virtually any vehicle on the road today.

Please note: These AT tools are no longer Chrome. Currently, AT's In-The-Door tools are Stainless Steel. While not as shiny as they may have been in past years, they remain of very high quality and rust resistance for extended usability.


In-The-Door Tools Included:

  • #23
  • #26
  • #35
  • #47
  • #65
  • #67
  • #74
  • #77
  • #81
  • #82
  • #86
  • #88
  • #89
  • #91
  • #101
  • #102
  • #103
  • #104
  • #105
  • #112
  • #115
  • #125
  • #126
  • #128
  • #129
  • #132

Car Opening Manual for Auto & Heavy Truck
Button Master
Snap-N-Lock Long Reach
Glassman Tool for Frameless Windows
Super One-Hand Jack Tool
One-Hand Jack Tool
Super Air Wedge
Flex Max
Wedgee Wedge
Strip Savers
Wonder Shield
Button Strip Tool
Slim Jim
Power Grip Tip Set
Heavy Duty Mega Deluxe Carrying Case
Quick Car Opening Instructional Manual

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