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The Hinge Doctor HA4D for Prison & Spring Hinges (GKL)

  • Item #: 6640
  • Model: GKL-HA4D
  • Manufacturer: GKL Products



The Hinge Doctor® is the time saving, hinge restoration tool you have been looking for. Sagging doors repaired in seconds! We are very serious here. You need to see and use it to believe it. Hinge Doctors® are available in handy kits or individually.

Fits standard commercial butt hinges Fits ball bearing hinges Fits prison and spring hinges Fits residential interior and exterior hinges Fits residential interior hinges Fits residential exterior hinges

Instructions for Commercial Hinges using the HA1D, HA3D, or HA4D

This tool is designed to adjust new, worn, or improperly adjusted Commercial Butt HInges that cause the door to sag or drag. To fix the door, slip the tool over the TOP door hinge and open the door. This action causes the door hinge to bind while the tool is in place..

Open the door only 3 to 4 inches past the point where it binds against the tool then remove the tool from the hinge, check the door and repeat if necessary.

It's usually only necessary to adjust the top hinge, however if after you've adjusted the top hinge and there is still a large gap between the door and the frame (above the top hinge) them adjust the center hinge as well.

NEVER adjust the bottom hinge unless the leading edge of the door hits the bottom portion of the door jamb.

Hinges that have been adjusted too much will be hard to close. If this happens place a 1/8" Allen wrench right behind the knuckles and between the 2 plates of the hinge and then push the door closed. This will reverse the first adjustment. Adjust the door again as necessary with the hing adjuster tool.

When to adjust the top hinge:

  • When the leading edge of the door is hitting the side of the door frame (above the strike)
  • When the latch no longer lines up with the strike hole
  • When the door shows excessive signs of sagging


  • Always check and tighten the hinge screws
  • Adjusting the bottom hinge is NOT recommended!

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