The Original Ultimate Modular Pinning Mat / Work Mat

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  • Item #: 14263
    Model: AKS-PINMAT3
  • Manufacturer: American Key Supply

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It’s been said that imitation is the highest form of flattery. If this is true, then our original AKS pinning mat left us feeling overwhelmingly flattered as our competition clamored to duplicate the design. We were surprised they even bothered to change out our company logo. I mean if you’re going to copy the thing, at least let people know who labored over the schematics, right?
This time around, we’ve pushed the boundaries of our imaginations and created the pinning mat of our dreams! Think of it like the original AKS pinning mat, but on major steroids!

Outstanding Features:

  • Interchangeable mini mats (4 included) that can be arranged any way your heart desires. (Mount two on the big mat and throw the other two in your locksmith bag!)
  • Mini mats can be removed to create a perfectly flat work surface.
  • Extra-thick to allow for deeper slots where they're needed.
  • More spots than ever before, for your cylinder parts, rekeying tools, and lock accessories.
  • New & improved field of finger-friendly nipples! No deep nubs that require tweezers to recover dropped pins.


  • (1) Large, Beautiful PVC Pinning Mat
  • (4) Small PVC Pinning Mats
  • (1) Silicone Pin Cover
  • (2) Notepads (order refills here)

Dimensions: 20"W x 10"D x 3/8"H.

Flexible & Anti-Slip
Made of soft PVC rubber. Bendable, so you can use it on uneven surfaces, like the hood of a car. Underside is naturally sticky, but with no adhesive or residue.
Modular & Customizable
The only pinning mat in the industry made with swappable, removable pinning mats. 4 different options fit perfectly within your mat: (1) with deeper slots for working on lock cylinders, (1) with larger, numbered spots for sequential disassembly and reassembly, (1) with 62 smaller slots in a tabled format for misc. work, and (1) filled with rounded, shallow nubs for the ideal textured surface, perfect for catching and picking up small parts.
Safe Pin Storage
Deep, curved slots provide permanent, convenient storage for your pinning work. We even provide a silicone cover that keeps your pins, springs, and shims secure in a moving vehicle.
Tool Storage
Lots of spots to hold pens and tools of all sizes in a convenient location.
Dedicated Spot for Post-Its
3x3" notepad holder set away in the top corner. We even provide 2 sticky notepads custom-designed for automotive locksmiths - available for purchase separately here.
Integrated Rulers
Use the pinning mat to quickly measure things in metric or inches.
Wrist Support
We know many of you spend a lot of time working in front of these pinning mats, so we decided to make it more comfortable and ergonomic for everyday use.
Notecard Display Slot
A narrow, angled slot along the top of the pinning mat holds your reference materials in the perfect position for quick viewing.
Quick Reference Info
The silicone cover even acts as a great quick reference for both residential/commercial and automotive locksmiths.


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