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The Ultimate Remote, Chip & Key Blade Bundle for VVDI Key Tool

  • Item #: 8939
  • Model: VVDI-KT-KIT1
  • Manufacturer: American Key Supply
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Everything you need to get started cloning and generating remotes with your VVDI Key Tool


  • Remotes
    • 1x Universal Wired RHK—Generic-Style
    • 1x Universal Wired RHK—Audi-Style
    • 1x Universal Wired RHK—Ford-Style
    • 1x Universal Wired RHK—Hyundai-Style
    • 1x Universal Wired RHK—Toyota-Style
    • 1x Universal Wireless RHK—Generic-Style
    • 1x Universal Wireless RHK—Honda-Style
    • 1x Universal Wireless RHK—Toyota-Style
    • 1x Universal Wired Remote—Honda-Style
    • 1x Universal Wired Remote—Nissan-Style
  • Transponder Chips for Cloning
    • 10x XT27 Super Chip
    • 5x T5 Cloning Chips
  • Transponder Chips for Programming
    • 5x Tex 4C Tag Transponder Chips
    • 5x Tex 4D-60 Transponder Chips
    • 2x Tex 4D-61 Transponder Chips (for Chrysler/Mitsubishi)
    • 2x Tex 4D-62 Transponder Chips (for Subaru)
    • 5x Tex 4D-63 80-Bit Transponder Chips (for Ford/Mazda)
    • 2x Tex 4D-64 Transponder Chips (for Chrysler)
    • 2x Tex 4D-67 Transponder Chips (for Toyota)
    • 2x Tex 4D-68 Transponder Chips (for Lexus)
    • 2x Tex 4D-72 Transponder Chips (Toyota G)
    • 2x Tex 4D-74 Transponder Chips (Toyota H)
    • 2x Megamos 13 Transponder Chips
    • 2x Megamos 48 CAN Transponder Chips
    • 5x Philips 46 Blank Transponder Chips (Honda/Nissan/Hyundai)
    • 5x Philips 46 Circle+ Transponder Chips (GM/Chrysler)
    • 2x Philips 46 A-Chip Transponder Chips (Mitsubishi)
    • 2x Philips 46E Transponder Chips (GM)
    • 2x Philips 47 Transponder Chips (Honda G)
    • 2x Philips NXP AES (4A) Transponder Chips (Nissan Rogue)
  • Key Blades (KeyDIY)
    • 1x Key Blade—BMW HU92 (2-Track)
    • 1x Key Blade—BMW HU58 (4-Track)
    • 5x Key Blade—Chrysler Y157/Y159
    • 2x Key Blade—Ford HU101
    • 5x Key Blade—Ford H75
    • 2x Key Blade—GM 10-Cut
    • 2x Key Blade—GM B106 (Z-Keyway)
    • 2x Key Blade—Honda HD103
    • 5x Key Blade—Honda HO01
    • 1x Key Blade—Hyundai HY14
    • 1x Key Blade—Hyundai HYN14
    • 1x Key Blade—Hyundai HY15
    • 1x Key Blade—Hyundai HY16
    • 2x Key Blade—Mazda MZ31
    • 1x Key Blade—Mitsubishi MIT1
    • 1x Key Blade—Mitsubishi MIT3
    • 5x Key Blade—Nissan DA34
    • 1x Key Blade—Subaru DAT17
    • 1x Key Blade—Subaru/GM B110
    • 5x Key Blade—Toyota TR47
    • 2x Key Blade—Lexus TOY40 (Long)
    • 5x Key Blade—Lexus TOY48 (Short)
    • 5x Key Blade—VW/Audi HU66
  • Roll Pins (GTL)
    • 100-Pack of Roll Pins

Universal Bundle Starter Pack Remotes VVDI Key Tool Chips

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