Tibbe Key Adapter Kit for HPC Blitz Machines (TIBBE-CMB)

  • Item #: 4910
  • Model: HPC-TIBBE-CMB
  • Manufacturer: HPC


Tibbe locks are used on some Ford and Jaguar vehicles. There is a 6-space and an 8-space version of this lock. The keys for these locks have cuts on each of 4 sides of the blank. The typical hardware store can not cut these specialty keys, and the auto dealers charge an exorbitant price for them. This makes for an excellent opportunity for the prepared locksmith.

With the HPC Tibbe Key Adapter Kit you can cut both types of keys on your Blitz™, Switch Blitz™ or Tiger SHARK™ machine. The kit comes with everything you need to cut Tibbe keys, including the adapter, slotter cutter, and code card (with the Blitz™ and Switch Blitz™ versions).

This adapter kit is fast, easy, accurate and economical. It will be a valuable addition to your key cutting equipment, allowing you to cut another high-profit key.

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