Touchscreen Bluetooth Lever w/ Phone App - BLACK (DeGuard)

  • Item #: 9877
  • Manufacturer: DeGuard



  • Unlock by Mobile APP (Android & iOS)
  • Unlock by Code
  • Unlock by Touch- Panel KeyPanel
  • 4 AA Batteries (Not Included)
  • Low Power alarm
  • View access logs (Audit Trail)
  • Multiple unlocking ways
  • US26 (Black)
  • 2 Keys (KW1) Kwikset
  •  Reversible Lever Handle


  • Admin Bluetooth key: Mobile phone and door lock connected, the Bluetooth lock unlocks with Bluetooth via the app.
  • Admin Password: Mobile phone and door lock connected, the Bluetooth lock unlocks with a permanent Master code.
  • Bluetooth key remote authorization: The Admin can instantly send Bluetooth keys to other people’s mobile phone app,It can limit the use time of the Bluetooth key, and can immediately freeze, thaw and delete the electronic key.
  • Password remote authorization:The door lock can send a permanent password and a limited time password in the absence of networking. Password protection: The smart lock will automatically locked for 5 minutes when the wrong password is entered 5 times;You can enter any number of digits before the correct password, make sure the last few digits are the correct password can be unlocked.
  • Automatically locked: Can be set to automatically locked between 5 to 120 seconds after unlocking。 General lock: Press and hold”#”about 5 seconds。
  • Lower Battery Consumption: 4pcs AA batteries can provide 5000 openings (approx. 6 months)
  • Lower Battery Indicator: When battery power is low, the Bluetooth lock will emit low battery warning sound. The battery level will also be updated on the app during Bluetooth unlock. If battery power runs out, use 9V backup battery or mechanical key.
  • Real time monitoring: When users use app or password to unlock the Admin can find unlock records on app. Real-time reminder: via Mobile phone and door lock connected

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