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Toyota TOY43AT4 (692062) 1998-2006 Transponder Key (BlueRocket)

  • Item #: 325
  • Model: BRK-TOY43AT4
  • Manufacturer: BlueRocket
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This Toyota Transponder Key Works on the Following Models: Toyota 4Runner 1998-2000 (ECU Reflash)
Toyota 4Runner 2001-2002
Toyota Avalon 1998-2004 (ECU Reflash)
Toyota Camry 1998-2001 (ECU Reflash)
Toyota Camry 2002-2006*
Toyota Highlander 2001-2003 (ECU Reflash)
Toyota Land Cruiser 1998-2000 (ECU Reflash)
Toyota Land Cruiser 2001-2002
Toyota Prius 2000-2003 (ECU Reflash)
Toyota Sequoia 2001-2002 (ECU Reflash)
Toyota Sienna 1999-2003 (ECU Reflash)
Toyota Solara 1998-2004 (ECU Reflash)
This Toyota Transponder Key Replaces the Following Key Types: Strattec 692062
Ilco TOY43AT4
Bianchi BTOY43AT4
Hata TR47HPT
Hata HAT2602
A-1 TOY43AT4
Reusable: Yes
Cloneable: Yes
Chip: TEX 4C
Test Key: TR47
(ECU Reflash) vehicles do not have a direct line of communication with the immobilizer via the OBD port. In these instances, the ECU must be physically removed from the vehicle and the immobilizer chip written onto directly. An experienced locksmith can utilize programmers such as the AutoProPAD or IDPro to perform this work themselves. Another option would be to remove the ECU and send it to us for a reflash.
* Transponder system is optional. Transponder models can use either this key or the TOY44D depending on what system is fitted on the vehicle. Use the system that is identified by your programmer.

21246 Curtis 692062 Strattec 692911 Strattec M382JS Fuki 5910834 Strattec TR47-PHT Jet TR51-PHT Jet TOY43EK Silca TR47-N-PHT Jet TR51-N-PHT Jet TOY43AT4 Silca TOY43AT4 Ilco TOY43AT4 HD TOY43-AT4 A-1 TOY43EK3 Ilco TOY43EK2 Silca


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