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True Utility 10-Hook Display with 30 Products

  • Item #: 8170
  • Model: TRU-DISPLAY10
  • Manufacturer: True Utility


Model #: Product:
TRU-TU204 True Utility® Scarab Multi-Tool (TU204)
TRU-TU232 True Utility® TagTool 5-in-1 Tool (TU232)
TRU-TU304 True Utility® LED Torches TrueLite® FlashStash (TU304)
TRU-TU505 True Utility® Belt Knife (TU505)
TRU-TU570 True Utility® True Lock Knife (TU570)
TRU-TU573 True Utility® True Skeleton Knife (TU573)
TRU-TU209 True Utility® CombiLock Security Key Ring (TU209)
TRU-TU101 True Utility® TrueLite® Midi 1W LED Torch (TU101)
TRU-TU215 True Utility® Nail Clip Kit (TU215)
TRU-TU234 True Utility® EyeGlass Keychain Magnifying Glass (TU234)

10 Hooks x 3 of each Product

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