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Tubular Key Adapter Kit for HPC Blitz Machines (TKA-CMB)

  • Item #: 4909
  • Model: HPC-TKA-CMB
  • Manufacturer: HPC
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HPC's Tubular Key Adapter Kit is the most economical method for code cutting tubular keys. This adapter converts your Blitz™ machine into a code machine for standard 7-pin tubular keys.

The kit comes complete, including the Adapter and Carbide Slotter Cutter, as well as a Tubular Key Code Card. Plus, with the included Tubular Key Decoder, you can quickly decode an existing tubular key and create a new factory original key.

The Tubular Key Adapter Kit is an exceptional value; you can recoup your investment in less than 6 months. It will be a valuable addition to your HPC Code Machine.

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