Ultra Combo Opening Kit (PRO-LOK)

  • Item #: 5490
    Model: PLK-AKUC
  • Manufacturer: Pro-Lok


The 18 Piece Ultra Combo Car Opening Kit is a mix of the most popular traditional car opening tools snugly fit into the lid of the case as well as our assortment of 5 “Quick Change” Long Reach Tools custom fit into the bottom of the specialty molded case. The selection of traditional tools includes our most popular stainless steel round edged Slim Jim and a variety of tools featuring Xacto-Grip technology.

Simply choose the “Tool Body” that best suits the vehicle and opening method you will perform. Screw the chosen “Tool Body” directly into the handle for a seamless design (without the use of a bulky coupler). In some instances, if you need a little extra tool length, screw the 18” “Extension” between the handle and the “Tool Body” to extend the reach to 67” in.. The 1/4″ tools body comes with a glow in the dark tip for easy openings at night.

Case Size: 28"L x 9"W x 4-1/2"H 

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