Universal WIRED RHK for VVDI Key Tool—BMW Knife-Style (XHorse)

  • Item #: 10173
  • Model: XHS-XKKF03EN
  • Manufacturer: XHorse


This remote is a 3-button remote...there is no 'Panic' button.

Instructions for Use:

  1. Open remote and remove battery
  2. Connect data cable to white connector on remote PCB board and plug into VVDI Key Tool
  3. Using the VVDI Key Tool, select Product Remote and select the remote you would like to generate
  4. Disconnect cable, reinsert battery, and reassemble remote. Install proper chip and blade for your application.
  5. Program remove to vehicle as you would an OEM remote


Note: You may encounter issues programming newer batches of Xhorse remotes if you're using the original VVDI Key Tool. Xhorse no longer supports the original Key Tool, and your machine might falsely identify your remote as being region restricted. If you have a Key Tool Mini or Max and you're experiencing region lock errors, please submit your machine serial number to Xhorse via the Xhorse app and ask for the region lock to be lifted. Takes about 24 hours. Please speak to your sales rep about upgrading to the Key Tool Mini or Key Tool Max if you're still using the original machine.


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