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VVDI PROG EEPROM Programmer (XHorse)

  • Item #: 7351
  • Manufacturer: XHorse
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Once you buy VVDI-Prog programmer, you can get free BMW ISN read function and NEC, MPC, Infineon etc chip continously update service.

VVDI-Prog Features:

  • The built-in update software allows user to update VVDI Prog firmware timely.
  • High-speed USB communication interface enable the software automatically connect.
  • Smart operation mode: the possible causes of error will be listed
  • Reserve ports: for future update.
  • The self-test function enable you check if the machine works well.
  • Can supply power via USB cable, the software will automatically prompt if the external USB power supply is needed.

VVDI-Prog Frequently Asked Questions:

1.Where can I get the latest software? As of January 2018, version 4.6.6 is the latest and can be downloaded here
If you have more questions or have more useful info that we can add here, please contact Cary!

VVDI-Prog Includes:

  • VVDI-Prog Device Interface Multiplexer
  • Square USB cable
  • SOP16 test socket
  • 16pin converter – Support SOP/SOT/SSOP
  • MCU reflash cable
  • ECU reflash cable
  • MC9S12 reflash cable – Used to program MC9S12 series chip

VVDI-Prog Support Documents:

VVDI-Prog Downloads:

VVDI-Prog Videos:

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