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VW HU66T6 Transponder Key (JMA Brand)

  • Item #: 965
  • Model: JMA-TP08HU-HAA.P1
  • Manufacturer: JMA
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Works on the Following Models: Audi A4/S4 2002-2005
Audi A6/S6 2001-2004
Audi A8/S8 2001
Audi TT 2001-2006
VW Beetle 2000-2005
VW Cabrio 2000-2002
VW Golf/Gti/Jetta 2000-2005
VW Passat Sedan 2001-2005
VW Passat Wagon 2003-2005
Replaces the Following Key Types: Ilco HU66T6
Bianchi BHU66AT6
Bianchi BHU66T6
Hata HU67HPT
Reusable: No
Cloneable: No
Chip: MEGAMOS 48
Test Key: HU66

HU66T5 Silca HU66T5 HD HU66T6 Silca HU66T6 HD HU66T1 Silca HU66T1 Ilco HU66T1 HD V66TK1 HD V66TK8 HD HU67 PHT Jet HU66AT5 Silca HU66AT5 Ilco HU66AT5 HD HU66AT6 Silca HU66AT6 Ilco HU66AT6 HD HU66AT2 Silca HU66AT2 Ilco HU66CT5 Silca HU66CT6 Silca HU66BT1 Silca HU66BT1 HD HU66DT5 Silca HU66T5L Silca HU66T10 Silca HU66T10 HD HU66T15 Silca HU66T24 Silca HU66T26 Silca HU66T23 Silca HU66T28 Silca HU66EHP Silca HF66TP1 HD AD66TK1 HD FD66TK1 HD HU66BT15 Silca HU66BT26 Silca HU66BT28 Silca HU66AT2/6 Ilco HU66VW-N-PHT Jet

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