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Ford/Lincoln/Mercury H72 (598333) Transponder Key (JMA)

  • Item #: 584
  • Model: JMA-TP02FO-15DC.P
  • Manufacturer: JMA
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Works on the Following Models: Ford Crown Victoria 1998-2002
Ford Excursion 2000-2005
Ford Expedition 1997-2002
Ford Explorer 1998-2000
Ford GT 2005-2006
Ford F150/F250 1999-2003
Ford F150/F250 Heritage 2004
Ford Mustang 1996-2004
Ford Ranger 1999-2000
Ford Taurus 1996-1999
Ford Windstar 1999-2000
Lincoln Blackwood 2002
Lincoln Continental 1998-2002
Lincoln Navigator 1997-2002
Lincoln Towncar 1998-2002
Mercury Grand Marquis 1998-2002
Mercury Mountaineer 1998-2000
Mercury Sable 1996-1999
Mazda B-Series Pickup 1999-2000
Replaces the Following Key Types: Strattec 597602
Strattec 598333
Strattec 690212
Strattec 599490
Strattec 599104
Strattec 599182
Strattec 597603
Ilco H72PT
Ilco H72FPT
Ilco H72LJPT
Ilco H72MPT
Bianchi BH72-PT
Hata H72HPT
Hata H72MPHT
A-1 S72
Reusable: Yes
Cloneable: Yes
Chip: TEX 4C
Test Key: H75

S72 A-1 96PT BWD H-72PT Curtis H72PT Ilco H72PT Orion H72PT Hillman H72EK Ilco 20748 Curtis H72-PHT Jet H72EK3 Ilco 599104 Strattec 597603 Briggs 597603 Strattec 597602 Briggs 597602 Strattec 598333 Strattec 692574 Strattec H72-N PHT Jet H72-PHT-T Jet KB96FDT BWD FO38RT3 Silca FO38RT3 HD FO38REH1 Silca FO38REH2 Silca H72PTCLEAR Ilco

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