GKM Micro-Series GLASS Cloning Chip for Meg 48 (KEYLINE)

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  • Item #: 6542
    Model: KLN-GKM
  • Manufacturer: Keyline


Micro dimensions, for Maximum cloning!

Keyline's evolution is called Micro Series! The small dimension chips designed to quickly and easily clone a wide range of automotive car, motorbike and truck keys with your Keyline cloner.

GKM and GK100 are the new glass chips from the Micro Series.
GKM* for cloning keys with Megamos® Crypto (ID48) and Megamos® fixed code transponders.
GK100 for cloning keys with Philips® Crypto (ID46), Texas® Crypto (4D) and Texas® fixed code (4C) transponders.

GKM and GK100 perfectly fit into Pod Keys and Keyline TKXXGE heads equipped with the proper adaptor.

Download the free update of Keyline Software to enable the use of GK100 on 884 Decryptor Mini and 884 Decryptor Ultegra cloning devices.

Full compatibility with Keyline cloning devices, 884 Decryptor Mini and 884 Decryptor Ultegra, build an integrated system. It is immediate and easy to use: just insert GKM or GK100 in the Pod Key or in the Keyline TKXXGE key with adaptor and start cloning with Keyline devices**.

To clone Megamos® Crypto transponders with GKM it is necessary to activate your 884 Decryptor Mini and 884 Decryptor Ultegra with the TKM. Xtreme Kit.

GKM and GK100 are rewritable and batteryless as they work through inductive coupling with the car's control unit.

Resistant, versatile and capable to clone the widest range of car keys with transponders: the new Micro Series keeps offering opportunities to all Automotive Specialists.


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