Mitsubishi Eclipse Cross 2018-2020 Transponder Key (OUCJ166N) (BRK)

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  • Item #: 11105
  • Model: BRK-TRK-MIT3
  • Manufacturer: BlueRocket


*Product received may look different from image (different plastic head for example)

This is the ONLY aftermarket solution available for the 2018-2020 Mitsubishi Eclipse Cross. The only other option to get this car back on the road is the $200 OEM remote head key.

Works on the Following Models: Mitsubishi Eclipse Cross 2018-2020
Replaces the Following Key Types:

Aftermarket transponder key replacement for remote head key FCC ID # OUCJ166N

Advanced Users: This key can also sub in for proximity models if it is held in the slot during programming

Reusable: No
Cloneable: No
Chip: Aftermarket (Undisclosed)
Test Blade: MIT3


Program key with your programmer of choice, or OBP if you have 2 working keys.


On-Board Programming Instructions:

To add a key, you must already have two programmed keys. You can have a total of 8 keys programmed.  
1. Insert the first valid key into the ignition switch and turn the key to the “ON” position for 5 seconds.
2. Turn the key to the “OFF” position and remove the first key.
3. Within 30 seconds of removing the first key, insert the second valid key into the ignition and turn it to the “ON” position. Approximately 10 seconds later, the immobilizer light will start to blink.
4. When the immobilizer kight starts blinking, turn the second valid key to the “OFF” position and remove it. Within 30 seconds after doing so, insert a blank immobilizer key into the ignition switch and turn it to the “ON” position. Perform this operation no more than 30 seconds after the immobilizer display starts blinking. When programming is complete, the immobilizer display will come on for 30 seconds then go off. If an error occurs, the blinking immobilizer display will go off during the procedure. 
5. If you wish to register another key, perform the process again from step one.

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