IEA (Zed Full)

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  • ZedFull Plus OBD2 Key Programmer w/6-Month Subscription
    Item #: 15963
    Model: IEA-ZF-PLUS
  • Zed-Full 24-HOUR 5-Pack Subscription
    Item #: 8562
    Model: IEA-ZF-24HR
    $120.00 $82.50
  • Zed-Full 1-Month Subscription
    Item #: 8049
    Model: IEA-ZF-1MONTH
    $180.00 $117.00
  • Zed-Full 3-Month Subscription
    Item #: 8048
    Model: IEA-ZF-3MONTH
    $540.00 $351.00
  • Zed-Full 6-Month Subscription
    Item #: 9245
    Model: IEA-ZF-6MONTH
    $900.00 $585.00
  • Zed-Full 9-Month Subscription
    Item #: 9248
    Model: IEA-ZF-9MONTH
    $1,350.00 $877.50
  • Zed Full 11-Month Subscription
    Item #: 9250
    Model: IEA-ZF-11MONTH
    $1,650.00 $1,072.50
  • Zed-Full Annual Unlimited Subscription
    Item #: 5364
    Model: IEA-ZF-ANNUAL
    $1,440.00 $858.00
  • Zed-Full 18-Month Subscription
    Item #: 9251
    Model: IEA-ZF-18MONTH
    $2,160.00 $1,404.00
  • Zed-Full Mercedes Programming 12-Months Subscription
    Item #: 9295
    Model: IEA-ZF-MER-12MONTH
1–10 of 10 products

Whether you're looking to purchase the Zed Full Transponder Programmer, Cloner, and EEPROM Machine by IEA or subscription options for the various features it offers, American Key Supply is your one-stop-shop for all your electronics-related locksmithing and immobilizer system needs. Perfect for key cloning and programming, the Zed Full is sure to become your preferred immobilizer device for its unsurpassable capabilities. The Zed Full is designed to make OBD2 programming a breeze for a variety of vehicle makes, making it an indispensable addition to your business. What's more? IEA provides regular updates to Zed Full users so that they are always one step ahead of all their competitors. Browse our selection today!


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What can you use the Zed Full for?

Zed Full Immobilizers and transponders are designed to meet the needs of the modern locksmith. The Zed tool has 5 different potential applications including:

  • 125 Kilohertz to 134.2 kilohertz transponder cloning, reading, and generating
  • Reading commercial door cards at 13.56Mhz
  • Reading and cloning remote keys for vehicles
  • Measuring remote signals
  • Programming for Volkswagen Group car keys

What are the types of Zed Full?

One machine. Many options. That’s what the Zed Full provides to locksmiths through a subscription-based access. The base OBD2 Zed Full model allows high-tech locksmiths to clone keys, program keys, and compliment MVP and TCode Pro devices. Other features include:

  • MCU and EEPROM Programming
  • Remote Unlocking for Chrysler vehicles
  • Transponder Production
  • Remote Testing

Add on key programming kits for Mercedes Benz as an example and get access to even more features including:

  • Read and Create Mercedes Benz smart keys
  • Connect Zed Full machine to IR-PROG
  • Connect IR-PROG to CPU
  • Receive ignition data
  • Rewrite, Read and Delete NEC Processors from OEM keys
  • Read EIS and EZS Units
  • Access Motorola Processors used in OEM keys as well as some Motorola MCU information on EZE-EIS products.

Transponders and Cloning - Key to Key Information

The Zed Full makes key cloning and transponder cloning easy for many devices including:

  • Copying Megamos cryto
  • Copying 4C to EH2 or TPX One crypto data
  • Copying 4D to CN2 or TPX2 crypto data
  • Copying Old Mazda cloning tools to Precoded 8Cs crypto data
  • Copying GM Megamos (48) to TS48 cryto
  • Zed Full Compatible Vehicles

    The Zed Full is compatible with over 1500 vehicle cryptos including the Megamos crypto from GM and other leading manufacturers. The top manufacturers that it works with are:

  • Volkswagen Group,
  • Audi,
  • Fiat and Dodge,
  • Motorbike brands including Peugeot, Vespa, and Piaggio,
  • Skoda,
  • Alfa Romeo,
  • Ford,
  • General Motors,
  • Infiniti,
  • Honda,
  • Jeep,
  • Jaguar,
  • Mercedes Benz,
  • Hyundai,
  • Toyota
  • Subaru

It also works for commercial truck brands including:

  • Volvo
  • Renault
  • DAF

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