Automotive Locksmithing Tools

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  • 240pc Universal Automotive Pressure Clip Set (Magnus)
    Item #: 10709
    Model: MAG-240-CLIP
  • AKS 5"x7" Compact / Portable Pinning Mat
    Item #: 6793
    Model: AKS-PINMAT2
  • The Original Ultimate Modular Pinning Mat / Work Mat
    Item #: 14263
    Model: AKS-PINMAT3
    $29.85 - $34.85
  • The Tri-Can Holster—Holds 3 Cans of Your Favorite Lube (RYTEK)
    Item #: 18456
    Model: RTK-TRICAN
  • Locksmith Modular Rack™—The Rack Organizer (RYTEK)
    Item #: 18452
    Model: RTK-LSMR-ORG1
  • Locksmith Modular Rack™—Single Can Holster (RYTEK)
    Item #: 18450
    Model: RTK-LSMR-CAN1
  • Locksmith Modular Rack™—The Rack Hub (RYTEK)
    Item #: 18449
    Model: RTK-LSMR-HUB1
  • Locksmith Modular Rack™—The Wedge Rack (RYTEK)
    Item #: 18448
  • Standard Lishi Rack™—Holds 6 Tools, 6 Keys & Your LockStraw (RYTEK)
    Item #: 15883
    $20.00 - $25.00
  • The Automotive Locksmith Gadget Bag (AKS)
    Item #: 11330
    Model: AKS-BAG-MURSE
  • Remote Control Tester—SUPPORTS 300-902MHz! (CANSCAN)
    Item #: 9719
  • Chrysler / Dodge / Jeep 2018+ Universal Programming Cable (BRUT FRC)
    Item #: 9504
    Model: BFP-CBL100
  • 10-PACK Roll Pins for AUTEL Universal Remotes Emergency Keys
    Item #: 16145
    Model: AKS-ROLLPIN03
  • 100-Piece Roll Pins 1.6 x 8.0mm for Flip-Style Remotes (GTL)
    Item #: 8961
    Model: GTL-XX-0331
  • Lishi Magnetic Carrying Case—LARGE (Holds 12) (GTL)
    Item #: 8249
    Model: GTL-LT-044
  • Lishi Magnetic Carrying Case—SMALL (Holds 4) (GTL)
    Item #: 8232
    Model: GTL-LT-043
  • Roll Pin Replacement Jig Set (GTL)
    Item #: 9072
    Model: GTL-LT-071
  • Roll-Pin Removal Tool Set - Corkscrew Spring-Loaded Feeder (GTL)
    Item #: 8213
    Model: GTL-LT-048
  • Set of Replacement Roll-Pins & Screws—10 Each in 7 Sizes (GTL)
    Item #: 9073
    Model: GTL-LT-064
  • Shell Opener / Mini Pry Tool Set (GTL)
    Item #: 9071
    Model: GTL-LT-068
  • Open Flip Roll Pin Removal Tool (XKEY)
    Item #: 4915
    $100.00 $85.00
  • Open Flip Roll Pin Removal Tool + CE26K Holders
    Item #: 5850
    Model: XKY-OF+CE26K
  • Toyota G & H-Chip OBD2 Programming Dongle (ADD-A-KEY)
    Item #: 6420
    Model: AKS-OBD2-TOYGH
  • Hyundai/Kia HY18R Blades w/ Roll Pins for OEM Remotes (GTL)
    Item #: 9136
    Model: GTL-LT-076
  • VW/AUDI HU66 OEM Remote Replacement Blades w/ Roll Pins (GTL)
    Item #: 9137
    Model: GTL-LT-077
  • GM HU100 OEM Remote Replacement Blades w/ Roll Pins (GTL)
    Item #: 9349
    Model: GTL-LT-072
  • Ford HU101 OEM Remote Replacement Blades w/ Roll Pins—#2 (GTL)
    Item #: 10038
    Model: GTL-LT-073
  • Original Lishi Flip Key Pin Removal Vise/Jig
    Item #: 2804
  • Door Panel Remover (CAPDPR)
    Item #: 3296
    Model: AKS-CAPDPR
  • GMS Lock Cylinders Pinning Mat (GMS)
    Item #: 18445
    Model: GMS-PINMAT
  • HPC Auto Lock Face Cap Pliers (HPC)
    Item #: 4530
    Model: HPC-ALCP-10
  • HPC Steering Column Lock Plate Compression Kit (SWLPC-1)
    Item #: 4531
    Model: HPC-SWLPC-1
  • Dino Owl Long Probe Light with White LED Light
    Item #: 1767
    Model: DIN-RGN218
  • Dino Navigator 3-in-1 LED Scope—Same as A1 and Lockmasters
    Item #: 896
    Model: DIN-RGN211
  • Key Decoder—GM, Chrysler, Ford 8-Cut & 10-Cut (Pro-Lok)
    Item #: 5511
    Model: PLK-KD03
  • Flat Door Panel Tool (Pro-Lok)
    Item #: 5530
    Model: PLK-LT413
  • Face Cap Removal Pliers (Pro-Lok)
    Item #: 5536
    Model: PLK-LT450
  • One-Handed Door Pry Tool—Creates a Gap in Even the Toughest Doors (MAGNUS)
    Item #: 18430
    Model: MAG-IES-PRY
  • One-Handed Button-Grabber Tool for Vertical Car Locks (MAGNUS)
    Item #: 18431
    Model: MAG-RT-BTNGRB-1
  • WedgeCo 2-in-1 Wedge Tool (#1000)
    Item #: 986
    Model: WC-1000
1–40 of 60 products

Automotive Locksmith Tools 

Professional Locksmith Tools for sale

Welcome to the ultimate destination for automotive locksmithing tools, where we have everything you need to unlock your full potential as a professional locksmith. We understand the importance of having the best locksmith tools in your kit, so we have meticulously curated a selection of professional locksmith tools for sale to suit every need.


What are automotive locksmith tools?

Automotive locksmith tools are a distinct category of specialized equipment explicitly crafted for locksmiths working with vehicle locks and key systems. These tools are designed to accommodate the unique needs and challenges presented by car locks, ignition systems, and transponder keys, which often differ significantly from traditional residential and commercial locks.


The range of automotive locksmith tools is extensive, covering a wide variety of instruments and devices that cater to various skill levels and applications. From fundamental tools like picking and tensioning instruments to more advanced devices, such as key-cutting machines and programming devices, automotive locksmiths have a diverse array of equipment at their disposal.


Some examples of automotive locksmith tools include:

  1. Slim Jim: A thin strip of metal with notches that can be slid between a car's window and door to release the locking mechanism, enabling access without a key.
  2. Wedges and airbags: Tools used to create a small gap between a car door and the vehicle's body, allowing for the insertion of other tools for lock manipulation.
  3. Lishi tools: A combination of lock pick and decoder, allowing a locksmith to both open and decode automotive locks non-destructively.
  4. Key cloning devices: Instruments that can copy the data from an existing transponder key to a new one, facilitating key duplication for modern vehicles.
  5. EEPROM programmers: Advanced electronic devices used for reading, erasing, and reprogramming the memory chips in automotive electronic systems, including immobilizers and key transponders.

These tools, when used skillfully by a trained automotive locksmith, enable efficient and non-destructive entry into locked vehicles, diagnosis and repair of ignition systems, and replacement or duplication of vehicle keys.


What tools do locksmiths need?

To excel in the automotive locksmithing profession, you need an assortment of tools tailored to the diverse lock mechanisms and situations encountered with vehicle locks and keys. Some essential tools for an automotive locksmith kit include:

  1. Automotive lock picks: Slim, metal tools designed specifically for manipulating the pins within a vehicle's lock cylinder, enabling it to rotate and unlock.
  2. Tension wrenches: L-shaped tools that apply pressure to the lock cylinder while lock picking, providing the necessary torque to rotate the cylinder and facilitate entry into a locked vehicle.
  3. Key extractors: Specialized tools for removing broken keys from automotive lock cylinders, allowing for non-destructive extraction and resolution of the issue.
  4. Automotive decoder picks: Tools engineered to decode the combination of a vehicle lock, enabling non-destructive entry while also providing information to create a new key, if necessary.
  5. Key cutting machines: Advanced devices for cutting and shaping new keys or duplicating existing ones, ensuring precise and accurate key reproduction for a wide range of vehicles.
  6. Transponder key programmers: Sophisticated equipment for programming transponder keys, enabling them to communicate with a vehicle's immobilizer system and allowing for seamless key replacement or duplication.


By incorporating these essential tools into an automotive locksmith kit, professionals can effectively address various challenges related to vehicle locks, ignition systems, and key replacement or duplication. This comprehensive toolkit ensures that automotive locksmiths are well-equipped to handle a wide range of situations with efficiency and expertise.


Where to buy locksmith tools?

You can find the best locksmith tools, automotive locksmith kits, and auto locksmith supplies right here on our website. Our selection of professional locksmith tools for sale includes everything from beginner-friendly lock picking sets to advanced diagnostic and programming tools for experienced locksmiths.


Why you should buy locksmithing tools from us?

  1. Quality: Our commitment to offering the highest quality automotive locksmith tools on the market sets us apart. We ensure that every product in our inventory is built to provide durability and precision, enabling you to work efficiently and effectively.
  2. Variety: We take pride in our extensive range of locksmith tools for sale, catering to locksmiths of all skill levels and budgets. This diverse selection makes it easy for you to find the perfect fit for your unique needs, whether you're just starting out or are a seasoned professional.
  3. Expertise: Our team comprises industry veterans with years of experience in the locksmithing trade. We're more than happy to share our knowledge and provide guidance on selecting the best locksmith tools tailored to your specific requirements, ensuring you're well-equipped for any job.
  4. Competitive prices: We believe that professional locksmith tools should be accessible to everyone, regardless of budget. That's why we strive to offer the most competitive prices without compromising on quality, allowing you to invest in your craft with confidence.
  5. Customer service: We understand the value of exceptional customer service, and we're dedicated to providing it from start to finish. If you have any questions or concerns during your shopping experience, our team is always here to help, ensuring you receive the support you need.

By choosing us as your source for automotive locksmithing tools, you can trust that you're not only getting top-quality products but also the expertise, variety, and customer service that make all the difference in your locksmithing journey.
















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