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  • AutoProPAD G2 Turbo Key Programmer—INCL. 1 YR. UPDATES (XTOOL)
    Item #: 13593
  • AutoProPAD G2 Turbo Key Programmer—INCL. 1 YR. UPDATES—REFURBISHED (XTOOL)
    Item #: 14149
  • AutoProPAD G2 Turbo (XTool)—Bundle #1—$600 in Free BlueRocket!
    Item #: 16462
    Model: XTL-G2T-BND1
    $3,599.00 $3,299.00
  • AutoProPAD G2 Turbo (XTool)—Bundle #2—$448 in FREE Accessories!
    Item #: 16463
    Model: XTL-G2T-BND2
  • AutoProPAD G2 Turbo (XTool)—Bundle #3—FREE Nomad Duplicator!
    Item #: 16467
    Model: XTL-G2T-BND3
    $3,489.00 $3,299.00
  • AutoProPAD G2 Turbo (XTool)—Bundle #4—FREE Autel KM100!
    Item #: 16470
    Model: XTL-G2T-BND4
    $3,498.00 $3,299.00
  • AutoProPAD G2 Turbo (XTool)—Bundle #5—FREE Key Tool Max + 40 Superchips!
    Item #: 16471
    Model: XTL-G2T-BND5
    $3,513.60 $3,299.00
  • AutoProPAD G2 Key Programmer—INCLUDES 1 YR UPDATES (XTOOL)
    Item #: 13592
    Model: XTL-APPAD-G2
  • AutoProPAD G2 Key Programmer—INCL. 1 YR. UPDATES—REFURBISHED (XToolUSA)
    Item #: 14148
  • AutoProPAD G2 (XTool)—Bundle #1—$500 in Free BlueRocket!
    Item #: 16476
    Model: XTL-G2-BND1
    $2,699.00 $2,199.00
  • AutoProPAD G2 (XTool)—Bundle #2—$368 in FREE Accessories!
    Item #: 16477
    Model: XTL-G2-BND2
    $2,567.00 $2,199.00
  • AutoProPAD G2 (XTool)—Bundle #3—FREE Nomad Duplicator!
    Item #: 16479
    Model: XTL-G2-BND3
    $2,689.00 $2,199.00
  • AutoProPAD G2 (XTool)—Bundle #5—FREE Key VVDI Key Tool Max!
    Item #: 16482
    Model: XTL-G2-BND5
    $2,594.00 $2,199.00
  • AutoProPAD BASIC Transponder Programmer (XToolUSA)
    Item #: 10071
  • AnyToyo SK1 Lexus/Toyota 2013-2022 Smart Key Emulator (XTool)
    Item #: 18123
    Model: XTL-SK1
  • Chrysler / Dodge / Jeep 2018+ Universal Programming Cable (BRUT FRC)
    Item #: 9504
    Model: BFP-CBL100
  • KC501 Key & Chip Programmer (XTool)
    Item #: 14807
    Model: XTL-KC501
  • K001 Intelligent On-board Key Programmer (XTOOL)
    Item #: 11402
    Model: XTL-K001
  • CAN-FD Adapter for AutoProPAD (XToolUSA)
    Item #: 12744
    Model: XTL-CAN-FD
  • AutoProPAD/PenLoader Honda/Acura BLACK Programming Key
    Item #: 1881
  • AutoProPAD/PenLoader Honda/Acura RED Programming Key
    Item #: 1882
  • AutoProPAD/PenLoader Toyota/Lexus MASTER Programming Key
    Item #: 3117
    Model: AKS-TRK-TOYMAS1
  • Replacement Rainbow Wire for AutoProPAD (XToolUSA)
    Item #: 9310
  • AutoProPAD G2/G2 Turbo Updates, Support, & Extended Warranty Subscription
    Item #: 16194
    Model: XTL-APPAD-SUB-G2
  • AutoProPAD Lite, FULL, and Basic Updates & Support Legacy Subscription
    Item #: 16193
    Model: XTL-APPAD-SUB-G1
  • Replacement OBD2 Adapter for AutoProPAD and Nitro Machines (XToolUSA)
    Item #: 7274
    Model: XTL-ADP-OBDII-16
  • Replacement Self-Test Dongle for AutoProPAD Main Data Cable (XTool)
    Item #: 14351
    Model: XTL-TEST-01
  • REPLACEMENT KC100 VW 4th & 5th IMMO Adapter X100 PAD2 (XToolUSA)
    Item #: 8467
    Model: XTL-KC100
  • REPLACEMENT EEPROM Adapter for AutoProPAD (XToolUSA)
    Item #: 9308
  • REPLACEMENT Nissan OBD1 Adapter (XToolUSA)
    Item #: 8472
    Model: XTL-NISSAN-14
  • REPLACEMENT 12V AC Power Adapter Cable (XToolUSA)
    Item #: 8473
    Model: XTL-YGY-122000
  • REPLACEMENT DIP8 EEPROM Test Clip [White] (XToolUSA)
    Item #: 8474
    Model: XTL-ITC-8A
  • REPLACEMENT KC100 (CtoMiniB) Data Cable (XToolUSA)
    Item #: 9223
    Model: XTL-KC100-CABLE
  • REPLACEMENT Main Data Cable for AutoProPAD (XToolUSA)
    Item #: 8480
  • REPLACEMENT Main Data Cable Lite (XToolUSA)
    Item #: 9494
  • OBD2 Breakout Box with 4 Cables—Prof OBD2 Pin Jumping (XToolUSA)
    Item #: 8481
    Model: XTL-BB200
  • REPLACEMENT Charging Dock (XToolUSA)
    Item #: 8482
    Model: XTL-DOCK
  • AutoProPAD LITE Tempered Glass Screen Protector (XToolUSA)
    Item #: 9873
    Model: XTL-APPAD-SP110-2PK-LITE
  • AutoProPAD Tempered Glass Screen Protector (XToolUSA)
    Item #: 9874
    Model: XTL-APPAD-SP100-2PK
1–39 of 39 products

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With the hopes of supporting locksmith's works, Xtool has been established to make lives easier by building excellent devices equipped to be utilized by making creations come to life. With the latest technologies available, XTool provides professional key programming and many added features, making them more functional for business and personal use. 

XTool is one of the most well-known keys and remote programmers in the United States for a reason. It was responsible for designing some of the most sophisticated machines regularly used by locksmiths worldwide. Intending to remain at the forefront of the key programming industry, XTool always sees the tomorrow and takes pride in delivering innovative and designed products with the future in mind.

As automotive security protocols are constantly improving, the need for secure gateway modules and other sophisticated technology is crucial to keep everyone confident in the American locksmiths. XTools line of products never fails to impress the american market as it constantly strives to improve and bring out something new to the table. Their game-changing automotive diagnostic scan tool system and AutoProPad key programming system are some of their most known products that speak for what they can offer.

American Key Supply aims to provide you with only the best locksmith supplies you'll ever need. We are pleased to let you know that we are also distributing a variety of XTool Machines and Accessories equipped to provide you with a seamless experience in your locksmith works. As a one-stop-shop for finding all your high-quality locksmith supplies, you may now browse our line of XTool products here at American Key Supply today!

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