HS Key Cutting Machine Comparison Chart

Click here to view the comparison chart (as of 09/27/2021)

Definitions and comments on some terms:

  • Cuts Non-Conductive Keys: Allows user to cut plastic or aluminum keys
  • Trace Duplication: Allows user to duplicate keys without telling the machine exactly what kind of key they're using
  • Cut Progressioning (Fill): Helps user when not all cuts of the key are known
  • Adjustable Cutting Depth: Allows user to adjust the webbing thickness (the center part of the key that remains uncut)
  • Cut HIstory: Allows user to easily access their previous keys cut, including key depths information
  • Supports Custom Key Profiles: Allows user to create custom keys if spacing and depth info is known
  • Decode by Photo: Allows user to take a photo of an original key and decode by eye
  • Fractional Key Depths: Allows user to enter cut depths as a decimal or fraction
  • Plunge and Contour Key Cutting: When cutting edge-cut keys, allows user to leave or cut away the tips between spaces
  • Communicates with InstaCode: Allows user to connect their machine directly to a PC and cut a key using InstaCode, bypassing the UI of the key machine
  • Internals Protected from Shavings: Keeping shavings out of the internals of the machine is extremely important in keeping the machine running smoothly
  • Battery: The ability to be powered by a battery is an extremely useful thing, but when the battery is integrated, the entire machine is disabled when the battery has problems, even if the machine is plugged into a standard power outlet.
  • Brushless Motor: Provides significantly higher efficiency and performance, and a lower susceptibility to mechanical wear

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