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CHRYSLER 1988-1992 Door/Ignition Locks - AeroLock TO-47 (Y154)

  • Item #: 1014
  • Model: AER-TO47
  • Manufacturer: AeroLock
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Key Blank: Y154
Code Series: G0000-G1394
Spaces Cut: 1-6
# of Keys: 64

This set works on ignition and door locks using code series G0000-G1394.

This set is loose in a box, simply try one key at a time in the Ignition or door lock until you find the key that works.Once you find a working key you will be missing space 7 to make a complete key.

Use this set for DOOR & IGNITION LOCKS on those older Chryslers that use the Y154 key blank. Gives you spaces 1-6. Very quick to fly through the 32 keys in this set.

One of the oldest tricks in the book for automotive locksmiths, try-out keys give you a simple way to make replacement keys for your customers. We are a distributor of Aero Lock, the top producer of automotive try-out keys for locksmiths.

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