CKG Ford 80-Bit & Toyota G Cloning Chip (KEYLINE)

$15.00 $10.99
  • Item #: 8836
    Model: KLN-CKG
  • Manufacturer: Keyline


With the innovative CKG, the Keyline Micro Series expands further.

The new carbon chip with reduced dimensions increases cloning capability for Texas® 80 bit transponders contained in keys marked with a "G" that are used for many Toyota® car models. CKG perfectly integrates with Keyline Pod Keys and Keyline TKXXGE heads equipped with the proper adaptor, and with Keyline cloning devices, 884 Decryptor Mini and 884 Decryptor Ultegra

The use is easy and immediate: simply insert the CKG in the Keyline Pod Key or in the TKXXGE heads equipped with the proper adaptor and start cloning.

To clone a large part of Texas® 80 bit transponders with CKG it is necessary to purchase and activate your 884 Decryptor Mini and 884 Decryptor Ultegra with the TKG. Kit.

CKG is batteryless as they work through inductive coupling with the car's control unit, and it can be used only one time.


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