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Dodge RAM 1500 2013-2016 5-Btn FOBIK (GQ4-53T) (OEM)

  • Item #: 6603
  • Model: CHR-68159655AG
  • Manufacturer: Chrysler / Dodge / Jeep
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THIS IS A NEW KEY! Unlike other FOBIKs, this key is not cross-compatible with other vehicle types. It will truly only work with the Dodge RAM 2013-2015.

Works on the Following Models: Dodge RAM 2013-2016
Part Number(s): 68159655AF
IC: 1470A-34T
Buttons: Lock
Remote Start
Air Suspension
Frequency: 433 MHz
Battery: CR2032
Chip: PHILIPS 46
Test Key: Y159
Condition: New
Reusable: Yes after Unlocking

Don't forget the Emergency Key Blade that fits into the tail end of this remote. When the battery dies or the remote breaks, the Emergency Key Blade will be the only way into the car.

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