Fixed-Code Transponder Key Cloning - FIRST

  • Item #: 872
  • Model: SVC-CLN-FX1
  • Manufacturer: American Key Supply


Bring us your original and we'll clone it for you onto either a T5 chip/key, TPX chip/key or electronic key (with battery). Bring your own cloning key or buy one of ours.

Remember, you cannot clone onto a standard transponder key. You must have a cloning key to copy to, as shown below:

Chip in Original Key Type Example Original Keys
Megamos 13 Fixed B97, B99, B103, B107, HD106, HO01
4C (glass or tag/ceramic) Fixed H72, H73, Infiniti Q45, TOY43AT4, TOY57, TOY40BT4, TOY48BT4,
4D (all types) Encrypted Y160, Sebring, H74/H86, 599114, Mazda F1Y1, Mazda GJYA, MIT8, MIT9, MIT12, MIT13, MIT14, NI01/NI02, Subaru all, Toyota New 4D (TOY44D/08020), Lexus New 4D
Philips 46 Encrypted Y165 (Y164-PT), POD, B111, HD108/HD111, HO02 (HO03-PT), Hyundai all, Kia all, MIT16, MIT17, NI04


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