Ford 2001-2019 Ignition Lock Cylinder Un-Coded (C-42-197) (ASP)

  • Item #: 16241
    Model: ASP-C-42-197
  • Manufacturer: Auto-Security Products


Works on:
Ford Econoline (except locks with turn knob) 2016-2018 
Ford Edge 2007-2014 
Ford Escape (except locks with turn knob) 2001-2007 
Ford Escape 2008-2012 
Ford Expedition 2003-2019 
Ford Explorer 4-door 2001-2018 
Ford Explorer Sport Trac 2008-2010 
Ford F-150 2004-2014 
Ford F-250, F-350 Super Duty 2008-2016 
Ford Five Hundred 2005-2007 
Ford Flex 2009-2019 
Ford Focus 2000-2011 
Ford Freestyle 2005-2007 
Ford Fusion 2006-2012 
Ford Mustang 2005-2014 
Ford Taurus 2008-2019 
Ford Heavy Trucks (except locks with turn knob) 2014-2018 
Lincoln Aviator 2003-2005 
Lincoln Mark LT 2006-2014 
Lincoln MKX 2007-2014 
Lincoln MKZ 2007-2013 
Lincoln Navigator 2003-2017 
Lincoln Zephyr 2006-2006 
Mercury Mariner (except locks with turn knob) 2005-2007 
Mercury Mariner 2008-2011 
Mercury Milan 2006-2011 
Mercury Montego 2005-2007 
Mercury Mountaineer 2001-2010 
Mercury Sable 2008-2009 
Mercury Tribute (except locks with turn knob) 2001-2006 
Part Number(s):
Keyway: H75

Please Note: C-42-197 replaces C-42-187. C-42-197 does not include the large black clip which fits onto the rear of the plug as used on some models. The retaining pin of C-42-197 cannot be depressed to remove the cylinder assembly from the steering column lock housing until the plug is turned. This is different from the C-42-187 design lock that the clip interlocks with the housing to prevent removing the cylinder without turning the cylinder. The clip from the lock being replaced may be installed on the back of the new C-42-197 lock, although because of the different retaining pin design the interlocking function of the clip is not important for security against unauthorized removal of the cylinder assembly from the lock housing. 


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