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HPC The Punch Machine™ - Portable Key Cutting by Code (1200PCH)

  • Item #: 4563
  • Model: HPC-1200PCH
  • Manufacturer: HPC
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The HPC Punch Machine™ is based on HPC's "Standard of the Industry" Original Blitz™ code machine making it the most versatile punch machine on the market! Its innovative design is so revolutionary that it was awarded a U.S. Patent. It is completely portable and punches accurate keys by code quickly and effortlessly. It is extremely easy to change from one manufacturer to another because depth and space adjustments are not required.

The code cards have depth and space indicators, plus all the pertinent information such as punch, jaw, code series, blanks and any special information you need. Quite often, just replacing a code card is all that is required to change from one manufacturer to another.

  • Completely portable, no electricity needed, take it wherever the job takes you
  • The pinpoint needle precision ensures every key is accurate
  • Comes complete with 104 code cards and 3 punch & die sets, ready to go right out of the box, there is nothing more to buy

The HPC Punch Machine™ is all-inclusive. It comes with 104 code cards (including 4 micrometer cards) and 3 punch & die sets, making it ready to cut most commercial, residential, automotive and furniture keys right out of the box! The HPC Punch Machine™ is a must for those who need a portable machine to create original keys where electricity may not be available.

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