LKE — Smart Key Emulator 5 in 1 (Lonsdor)

  • Item #: 17346
    Model: LON-LKE
  • Manufacturer: Lonsdor


Lonsdor LKE Smart Key Emulator 5 in 1 for the K518USA Key Programmer

The LKE Smart Key Emulator is a car smart key emulator newly released as an ancillary product for the Lonsdor K518USA. It’s lightweight, convenient, and can match all vehicle models with 4D or 46 chip by working with the K518USA. Meanwhile, LKE adopts low-power design and has a easy to replace CR2032 battery installed externally. The LKE can be upgraded through the K518USA.


  • Toyota/Lexus smart key programming via OBD for all key lost: Supports “94/4D, 98/39(128 bit), 88/A8, A9” smart key offline programming via OBD
  • Chip generation: Generate a emergency key to start the car when the dedicated chip is not available
  • Chip copy: Copy chip via collect and decode chip data (Cover wide range of vehicle models, faster)
  • Chip simulation and conversion: Generate various kinds of chip in urgent situations, 4D/46 and SKE Toyota currently supported.
  • Chip decode: Support code calculation for most 46 smart key and blade key (includes 4D)
  • Detect Ignition Coil Fault and Chip Type: Identify the working statue of the ignition coil and the type of key chip (Supports all key lost)
  • Works with the K518USA to program Hyundai/Kia, BYD, Porsche Cayman, and Porsche Boxster without PIN code
  • Works with the K518USA to program Mitsubishi (46/47) all key lost via OBD
  • Dismantle-free
  • Doesn't require networking
  • Localized computing

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